Safer Gambling in Retail

There are many Safer Gambling tools available to help you manage your gambling in retail. These include keeping track of your play via our Ladbrokes Grid or Coral Connect cards, setting time and spend limits on our Gaming Machines and Self-Exclusion.

Keeping Track of Your Play

You should always keep track of the time and money you spend on betting and gaming wherever you play – and not just at Ladbrokes or Coral!

You can keep track of your betting and gaming in our shops by using our Ladbrokes Grid and Coral Connect cards.

Customers who use Grid or Connect can also set account deposit limits either online or by contacting Online Customer Services. Where set both Retail and Online deposits will count towards the customers’ set limit.

When using Grid or Connect, a statement can be viewed on the machine showing how much you have won or lost in your current session, last 7 days and last 28 days. For a statement covering a longer period of up to 12 weeks, please contact Retail Customer Care on 0800 022 3454.

If you don’t use Grid or Connect, you can still review the time and money spent in any current Gaming Machine session by clicking the ‘Set Limits’ button.

Setting Limits

Both voluntary and automatic time and spend reminders are available on our Gaming Machines to help you keep track of your play.

Voluntary machine limits

At the beginning of a Gaming Machine session, you will be prompted and asked if you would like to set a voluntary time and/or spend limit for that session - these limits start at 5 minutes and £1.

Limits can be changed during the session by clicking the ‘Set Limits’ button and clearing existing limits before creating a new one.

If money is inserted in excess of a spend limit you are able to; collect the excess money; collect all money on the machine or set new limits. Once a time limit is reached, you will have the option to stop playing or set a new limit. A 30-second pause must be observed if setting a new limit or clearing an existing limit.

Automatic Reminders

The following automatic reminders/alerts will be shown on the Gaming Machine screen to customers:

  • After every 20 minutes of session play has elapsed. These messages will have stronger messages and increase in cool off period (maximum of 10 seconds) over time.
  • Where a customer has a loss of £250 or more in 30 minutes.
  • Where a customer inserts 10 notes of £5 or more in a session.

All automatic reminders/alerts will highlight the time and money spent in your current session.


What is Self-Exclusion?

To assist our customers who wish to take a break from gambling we operate a self-exclusion scheme. This procedure allows you to enter into a self-exclusion agreement with us and remains in place for the full period and cannot be withdrawn at any time during the agreement.

Retail self-exclusions allow you to self-exclude for a period of 12 months (renewable every 12 months).

To support the retail self-exclusion, you must provide two recent clear passport sized photographs.

If you hold a Coral Connect Card and/or Ladbrokes Grid Card for Shop & Online Use (Multi-Channel) or, hold any other Entain online accounts you must provide the details of the account(s) in order for the self-exclusion to be applied to your accounts.

There are different options for self-exclusion so it’s important that you choose the right one for you:

  • Multi-Operator Self-Exclusion Scheme (MOSES) - Where you can exclude yourself from shops across multiple operators in one process by calling 0800 294 2060. Or visit  for more information.
  • Ladbrokes Coral Self-Exclusion - Where you can exclude from selected Ladbrokes and Coral shops simultaneously. This is available from Ladbrokes and Coral shops or you can contact our Retail Customer Care Team on 0800 022 3454.

Returning from or extending your self-exclusion

Following completion of a period of self-exclusion and within a further six months of the expiry date, you may ask to re-enter our shops by completing a 'Self-Exclusion Return to Gambling Request Form' or you may wish to extend your Self-Exclusion for a further 12 months. If returning to gamble, a 24-hour cooling off period applies.

Preventing Underage Gambling

It is illegal for someone under the age of 18 to gamble in our shops.

In our retail shops, we operate a Think 21 policy. Ladbrokes Coral reserves the right to ask any person who looks under 21 for a valid form of identification.

Acceptable forms of ID must:

  • Contain a photograph from which you can be identified
  • State your date of birth
  • Be valid
  • Be legible and show no signs of tampering

Acceptable forms of identification include:

  • Any ID carrying the PASS logo (e.g. Citizen Card, Validate UK, Connexions Card).
  • Full or Provisional driving licence with photocard.
  • UK or International Passport.
  • International ID card.
  • Military identification card.
  • Biometric Residence Permit.

If an acceptable form of identification cannot be produced when requested, we will ask you to leave the shop immediately.

Responsible Gambling leaflets are available in all shops - please ask staff for details. Alternatively, call our Retail Customer Care Team (open 7 days a week 8:30 to 21:30 Mon to Sat and 10:30 to 21:30 Sundays) on 0800 022 3454.